Do you need proof for your insurance, or would you like one of your pieces being valued?
We offer evaluating german awards and documents from 1800 to 1945:
1. Photo expertise "Expert Evaluation w/o Guarantee*"   
   (For one object w/o a market value)
   40 €uro
2. Photo expertise "Expert Evaluation and Guarantee*"   
   (For one object with a market value up to 1500 Euros)
   50 €uro
3. Photo expertise "Expert Evaluation and Guarantee*"   
   (For one object with a market value over 1500 Euros)
   4.0 % of the market value

price for each evaluated item, incl. 19 % VAT, plus shipping, estates are calculated according to expenditure.

Expert Evaluation and Guarantee*
issued by the firm Carsten Baldes e.K.
The item is described in a generally comprehensible and professional way. Defects, repairs, state of preservation are noted as far as necessary.
Width, height and weight are recorded as far as necessary.
The item is usually illustrated by two photographs. A serial numbered hologram is attached to the photos. A copy of the Expertise is kept in our archive.
Market value:
The value stated at this point represents the price for sale which the firm Carsten Baldes e.K. would set for this item at the time the expert evaluation was made. The guarantee* refers only to the originality of the piece tested. Carsten Baldes e.K. does not guarantee purchase of the item market value or a certain fixed percentage, but instead checks the interest in the purchase with an individual purchase offer.
This expert evaluation and guarantee* refers to the item and not to a person. Naturally this expert evaluation and guarantee* applies only to the same item, not to equivalent items, and only to the item in the state of preservation it enjoyed at the time the expert evaluation and guarantee was issued. Should the state of the item have deteriorated, it will be necessary to calculate a new market price. The photographs, together with the description and dimensions, provide aids to identification, giving it an individual reference and specification of a proper kind. The guarantee* refers only to items certified as originals. Copies will not be purchased. At the customer´s request, no market value is included in the expert evaluation. Dishonestly amended expert evaluations or expert evaluations altered by the hands of third parties will lose their validity and may lead to a charge of falsifying a document.
Please do not send us unsolicited exhibits for the creation of expertise. Please contact us first to see if we can also provide expertise for your piece and after that send it to us by insured package. Please do not forget to tell us which of the offered expertise we should create for you. The return will take place after approx. 7-10 days. We collect the invoice amount in advance. We reserve the right to photograph, weigh and measure the pieces you have sent and received, even if it has been found that these are fakes. We use these photos and data for our copy archive in order to warn other customers and to brand these items as "copy of the week". If you do not agree to this, we ask you to inform us of this immediately upon sending.
Written "Expertise of authenticity" - Page 1
Photo expertise "Expert Evaluation and Guarantee*" - Page 1
Photo expertise "Expert Evaluation and Guarantee*" - Page 2
Photo expertise "Expert Evaluation and Guarantee*" - Page 3
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1) For deliveries to Germany. You find  here delivery times for other countries and the information for the calculation of the delivery date.


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